Useful Swag Info

We are down a few people. Fabric and shirts come way slower right now as some factories are closed. We are working 12 hour days, Kelsi is working all day and night [weekends, too!] to get your orders out to you. We are maxed out on TAT.

Emails are answered within 72 hours excluding weekends.  Please be patient if you have sent messages!

Thank you for being so understanding thus far. We are all going thru something we’ve never been through.

Our turnaround is currently 3-4 weeks, EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS. Some times we go over as we are down to 4 total employees now, but they are coming though! We don't love keeping you all waiting for your SWAG!! Please know that we are working as quickly as possible to get every order out to you and your babes!

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