COVID-19 Update Page

Our website only carries items that are either RTS or pre-orders right now. Please join our FB VIP for RTS live sales and order updates.

While we are continuing to sew orders in our controlled and safe workspace, we have fewer numbers of seamstresses. July & August were VERY busy months, we are working around the clock to get all those orders out as well as the remaining unfulfilled. Please be patient with us, being handmade in 2021 is VERY HARD.

We will continue to update this page as often as necessary and promise to keep all of our SWAG family in the loop!

Last updated: 11/5/2021

We are still shipping orders that we do have fabric for. If you see newer orders shipping or being received, our fabric issues mentioned above are why. 

The LSS undefeated plan for right now is work with what we have. So as the fabric shipments trickle in, we will fill the orders waiting.

Thank you for being so patient thus far. 


We are down a few people. Fabric and shirts come way slower right now as some factories are closed. We are working 12 hour days, Kelsi is working all day and night [weekends, too!] to get your orders out to you. We are maxed out on TAT.

Emails are answered within 72 hours excluding weekends.  Please be patient if you have sent messages!

Thank you for being so understanding thus far. We are all going thru something we’ve never been through.


Due to fabric production, lack of hands & supply shipment delays, we have extended our turnaround time for orders to 8-10 weeks, EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS. Some are well over that, I am aware. They are coming though! 

We don't love keeping you all waiting for your SWAG!! Please know that we are working as quickly as possible to get every order out to you and your babes!



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